Welcome to AllianceCorp

AllianceCorp was founded in the summer of 2002 with a mission to set the benchmark of what a small business could accomplish for its customers, employees and AlliancePartners.

AllianceCorp's services in both the business and technology sectors are highly sought after and are growing at a rapid pace. I'm pleased to report that our revenue growth since incorporation has doubled every year. We have won new long term contracts and received follow on work on existing contracts. Our recent DUNS Open Rating Past Performance Score was 96%.

As part of our commitment to our continued success, we have made substantial investments in our corporate infrastructure, and most importantly in our prime corporate asset: “Our People”

We believe the name AllianceCorp reflects the people we have always been: Passionate, Genuine and Motivated.

Thank you for visiting us today. I hope some day you will be a part of our team as a future employee, a customer or an AlliancePartner

Sam S. Bedi, JD-LLM.
Founder & President