Message from the President

Welcome to AllianceCorp.

As a privately-held-first-generation entity, AllianceCorp. is a testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit. AllianceCorp was founded in the summer of 2002 with a mission to set the benchmark of what a small business could accomplish for its customers, employees, and partners. We operate in the public and private sectors with a majority of our business in the form of long-term contracts supporting the U.S. federal government worldwide.

AllianceCorp’s professional services in the business, human resources, staff augmentation and training sectors are highly sought after and are growing at a rapid pace. We have won new long term contracts and received follow-on work on existing contracts.

Our DUNS Open Rating Past Performance Score is 96%. As part of our commitment to our continued success, we have made substantial investments in our corporate infrastructure, and most importantly in our prime corporate asset, our people.

It is said that success comes from many sources, most importantly hard work and good luck, but at the heart of it all, it’s really all about people. We believe the name AllianceCorp., reflects the people we have always been: passionate, genuine and motivated – we embrace change, but never alter its core values. These core values serve as a catalyst that moves us forward and produces the outcomes our clients desire and appreciate.

In 2007 the U.S. General Services Administration selected us as the “Most Successful Small Business” contractor and recognized AllianceCorp’s quality services and dedication to clients. After successfully graduating from the SBA’s 8(a) business development program in September 2013 we have not only grown the business, but managed it effectively and retained our foundation federal clients, in other words, to borrow a familiar phrase, the result of our work could best be described as “a small change for each of us, but a giant leap for AllianceCorp.”

Thank you for visiting us today. I hope some day you will be a part of our team as a future employee, a customer or an AllianceCorp Partner.

Sam S. Bedi, JD ­| MBA
Founder & President